Nutrition Experts

Where do you look find good reliable nutritional information?

If you are like most people you get nutritional information from the television, in magazines, from newspapers or on the Internet. How do you know if the information is accurate? One of the first places to look to see if the information is accurate is to look at who is providing the information. Is that person qualified to speak on nutrition?

Many people go to physicians and medical care providers for nutritional information, expecting them to know about all health care matters. In fact only about 30% of all medical schools require students to take a course in nutrition. If you are seeking out nutritional information, why not go to the nutrition expert?

The Registered Dietitian Nutritionist = Nutrition Experts

A registered dietitian has the educational background necessary to deliver reliable nutrition advice. A registered dietitian nutritionist is required to earn an undergraduate degree at a United States regionally accredited university or college with about 60 credit hours in nutrition, food science and other related subjects. A registered dietitian nutritionist must also complete a year’s internship or the equivalent and pass a national exam. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics oversees the national exam. To maintain up to date knowledge, a registered dietitian must also participate in required continued education activities such as attending seminars, taking courses or conducting research.

What about a nutritionist?

Some dietitians call themselves nutritionists. In some states anyone is allowed to use the title dietitian or nutritionist but other allow only registered dietitians nutritionist to call themselves dietitians. A nutritionist or dietitian may or may not have completed the criteria as a registered dietitian. To ensure a person is a registered dietitian look for credentials “R.D.N.” behind their name. To verify registration, you can check with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. The CDR Website is

How do I find a registered dietitian in my area?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s website can help you find a registered dietitian in your area?