Group Home Menus Available For Group Homes

Thank you for your interest in my “Group Home Menu Set”. The menus were developed by a registered dietitian with experience consulting in group homes for developmental disabilities since 1986. The menus are available for purchase by the group homes.

The menu set comes with two six-week cycles, weekly spread sheets, daily production sheets, weekly grocery lists, and colorful holiday menus.  The Group Home Cook book is sold separately. The two six-week cycles include a winter cycle and a summer cycle. The summer cycle includes more fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables with light meals. The winter menu cycle include fruits and vegetables available in the winter time and meals that are served typically in the winter time. For example, a Chicken Caesar salad is more likely to be offered in the summer while a hot bowl of chili would be offered in the winter months.

Each week has a weekly spread sheet to display the weekly menu. The spread sheet can be posted on the facility refrigerator to view the current week’s menu items. The menu items selected were chosen with the consumer’s schedule in mind. Lunch menu items for Monday thru Friday are for sack lunches. Weekend lunches are simple quick items. Sandwiches are used for the sack lunches and not served on the weekend lunches. The weekly spread sheets also have a space for dating the menu.

The weekly menu has daily production sheets. The production sheets include breakdowns for diets typically found in group homes. The diets include: regular, chopped, ground, puree,  low fat, consistent carbohydrate, and no added salt. (It is recommended that diet orders be changed to the same terminology to avoid any confusion with the staff. Your consultant dietitian can assist in making recommendation for appropriate diets.) The production sheets are clear and easy to use by your staff. Portion sizes are also found on the production sheets. Every prepared menu item has a recipe in the cookbook and the recipe page is indicated on the production sheet.

Weekly grocery lists are also included in the package. Menu items were selected to help control costs and the grocery lists are also very helpful in controlling costs. All needed menu items are included on the grocery lists with the quantity necessary to feed eight consumers. For example if lemon chicken is on the menu the grocery list will indicate how many pounds of chicken to purchase and how many lemons will be needed for eight servings. A weekly staples food check list is also provided for your staple items such as flour, sugar, salt, etc.

Colorful holiday menus are also included in the menu set. The holiday menus can be displayed on the refrigerator for the staff and consumers to view. The holiday menus available include: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, October Festival, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The facility may wish to use these menus to celebrate their holidays.

“The Group Home Cookbook” is sold separately.  I have had several staff and family members purchase the cookbook for their personal use.

The recipes are easy for anyone to follow. Several staff members tell me that they learned how to cook using my cookbook. The recipes have short ingredient lists to make production and shopping easier. Each recipe comes with therapeutic diet modifications. The staff will be easily able to modify the recipes for chopped, ground, puree, low fat, consistent carbohydrates, renal, gluten free and sodium restricted diets. Guidelines are written on each recipe.  Allergy alerts are also on each recipe.

To order a menu set a contract and order form must first be completed and returned with a check in the full amount or use the payment button below. If you have any further questions please
contact me.

IMPORTANT: Before the menus can be shipped a written agreement much be signed by the purchased and returned. To download the agreement click here.


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