Long Term Care Community Menus


Menus Cycle Subscription for Long Term Care. Select and Non Select Options available. Delicious, Healthy, Homemade Meals with Fresh Ingredients. Sign up for your subscription today and improve the quality of meals served.

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Long Term Care Communities Menus!

Residents in your community will enjoy delicious, healthy,  home made meals with fresh ingredients designed for meet the needs of Nursing Communities, Assisted Living Communities and Senior Care Communities.

The menus are available in a subscription.  Each cycle is 4 weeks.  Four cycles per year.

  • Cycle 1 January – March
  • Cycle 2 April – June
  • Cycle 3 July – September
  • Cycle 4 October- December

Menus include a week at a glance and weekly spread sheets. The spread sheets include menu item, portion sizes, therapeutic diets and texture modifed diets.

Hard copy menu can be mailed to the community or downloaded.

Cost: $250.00 per cycle for Non Select

Cost: $ 300.00 per cycle for Select

Save money by purchasing a 1 year subscription!  Non Select $800.00 or Select $1000.00

Payment for Cycle 1 is Due Dec. 1. Cycle 2 is Due March 1. Cycle 3 is June 1, Cycle 4 is Sept. 1 Save money: Purchase all 4 cycles by Dec. 1 for savings.