12 Eggs or 3 cups egg substitute
2 Tablespoons margarine or canola oil
1 Cup nonfat milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Melt margarine over low heat in a skillet. Beat eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a bowl until the eggs are uniform in color. Add to skillet and cover skillet. Cook until somewhat firm. Add optional ingredients of choice. Loosen edges with a spatula. Flip one third of the egg toward the center and then flip the opposite over this. Turn over and cook for a few seconds. Serves 8.Optional items can be added: sautéed diced onions; ground mace; low fat shredded cheese; chopped, peeled, seeded, sautéed tomatoes flavored with basil; light sour cream with chives;low fat turkey bacon bits; sautéed mushrooms; diced green pepper; diced ham; chopped parsley