Sauteed or Fried Eggs

2 Tablespoons margarine8 Eggs ( Pasteurized eggs must be used if you are serving soft runny yolks)Salt and pepper to taste
Melt margarine in a skillet over low heat. Break eggs carefully into the skillet. Baste the eggs with the hot margarine. Cook them over a very low heat until done. To get a firm white cover the pan with a lid at once. For a softer white, yolk pour one tablespoon boiling water over the eggs. Then cover the skillet and cook abut 1 minutes When the eggs are firm, serve them seasoned with salt and pepper.
For “once over lightly” to “sunny side up” proceed as above but when the whites are firm insert a slotted spatula under the egg, supporting the yolk area, and cautiously reverse it in the skillet. Cooking the second side should only take a matter of moments. Serves 8.