Chicken Salad with Red Apple Stuffed Pita

Portion Size: 1/3 c. chicken apple mixture 

Ingredients: Yields: 8 servings

Ingredients Notes: 
3 cups cooked chicken, cubedTrim all visible fat and skin, Cooked to minimum 165F degrees
½ cup celery, dicedWash, trim and dice.
½ cup light mayonnaise
½ cup light sour cream
1 cup red apple, dicedWash, core and dice. Do not peel.
1 teaspoon paprika
1 tablespoon red onionWash, peel and chop
8 pita pockets
For gluten free (GF): Use GF pita pockets or sub. GF bread. Always check each ingredient to be sure it is gluten free


Steps:Directions: Critical Control Point /Quality Assurance
1Mix chicken, celery, mayonnaise, sour cream, apple, paprika, and onion in a large bowl. Cover and chill
2Just before serving add 1/3 cup apple to each pita. For sack lunches pack separately pita and chicken salad. Chilled internal temperature maintained at 41°F.

Jacqueline Larson M.S., R.D.N. and Associates