Consultant Services

Long Term Care Consultant Services

Consultant Services are available for the Southern California area for Long Term Care Facilities. For further information contact, Jacqueline Larson (949) 760-0877.

Individual Counseling

Currently, individual counseling is only available over the phone or live online (through video chat via zoom, a free internet service.) To arrange a phone or online session, send us an e-mail. Sessions are usually during normal business hours. (Pacific Coast Time) Special arrangements can be made if necessary.

Sessions Cost: This fee schedule applies to telephone and lives online sessions.

Accepted forms of payment are major credit cards via the website pay pal account.

Initial Consultation: $195.00- 75 minutes
Follow up sessions: Regular 30 minute session are $90.00
Extended 45 minutes sessions are $135.00

A 24 -hour notice is required for all cancellations. With such notice, I am able to schedule someone else in your time slot. Otherwise, I am unable to fill your appointment time without adequate notice and will charge you for the cancellation.


Our sessions are held in strict confidence. A release form must be submitted prior to your session. The release form will be used to obtain to give permission to speak to your doctor, nurse, speech pathologist or other necessary health care provider.

Billing and Insurance Coverage

At this time, we do not bill your insurance company. Some insurance companies do cover “medical nutritional counseling” but many do not. Obtaining a referral from your doctor to see a registered dietitian may help and obtaining coverage.

Between Session Phone Call and E-mail Questions

After your initial consultation, we will able to answer your questions via phone or e-mail. I will get back to your message as soon as possible. Please remember to leave your name and phone number when calling. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time flexibility to spend more than a few minutes on the phone. If you need more than a few minutes on the phone, please consider setting up an additional 30 minute session.