Group Home Cookbook Series





Group Home Cookbook Series

The “Group Home Cookbook” has now become a series. This very popular cookbook would not fit into one book anymore. Now you can enjoy a greater variety of the healthy and delicious recipes in an array of books. Each recipe is simple enough for a beginner cook. The recipes selected will assist you in meeting the nutritional needs of the consumers. The series has over 1000 nutritious recipes.

The Group Home Cookbook series is often used by health care individuals with smaller populations. These books are ideal for group homes, rehabilitation centers, board and care communities, and small schools. The recipes are standardized for 8 servings. Each recipe includes food safety guidelines, therapeutic diet modification guidelines, texture diet modification guidelines, and allergy alerts.

Each recipes has guidelines for each therapeutic diet plans.

Therapeutic diet guidelines * included are:

  • Lowfat
  • Diabetic
  • Bland / Anti Reflux
  • Liberal House Renal
  • No Added Salt (3-4 g. sodium)
  • Low Sodium (2. Gram sodium)
  • Gluten-Free

*Special therapeutic diet should be done under the supervision of medical physician. Always consult your medical physician before starting any type of special diet.

New Texture guidelines include the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardization terminology.

The new texture guidelines will transition your facility to the new dysphagia standards.

Soft and Bite-Size, Chopped, Minced and Moist, or Puree

General description:

  • Soft and Bite (Food particle size ~ ½ inch or width of standard fork)
  • Chopped (Food particle size ~ ¼ inch or HALF the width of a standard fork- for children, developmentally disabled or cognitive decline)
  • Minced and Moist (Food particle size ~ 1/8 inch or fits through the prongs of a standard fork. Otherwise known as Minced, Ground, Mechanical Soft. )
  • Pureed (a smooth cohesive consistency)

The list of cookbooks included in the series are:

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Group Home Cookbook Part 1 Poultry and Eggs
Group Home Cookbook Part 1 Poultry and Eggs

Group Home Cookbook Part 2 Meats and Seafood

Group Home Cookbook Part 3 Vegetarian and Vegan

Group Home Cookbook Part 4 Soups, Sauces, and Appetizers

Group Home Cookbook Part 5 Breads, Starchy Sides, Desserts and Beverages

Group Home Cookbook Part 6 Fruits, Vegetables, Salads and Dressings


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