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The menu set comes with two six-week cycles, weekly spreadsheets, daily production sheets, weekly grocery lists, and colorful holiday menus. The cookbook is sold separately.





New Cookbook Series And Menus 2021

Developed and Designed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with years of experience working with group homes for the developmentally disabled.

Menu and Cookbooks are Sold Separately

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New Group Home Menus Highlights:

  • Includes 2 cycles: Winter and Summer
  • Each cycle is 6 weeks
  • Includes daily dietary production spreadsheets
  • Includes weekly shopping lists plus shopping tips
  • Includes Holiday Menus
  • Daily Diet Analysis Available upon request

New Group Home Cookbook Highlights:

  • New Hot off the press “Group Home Cookbook SERIES”
  • Over 1000 healthy, simple, and delicious recipes are now is a 6 book series. We could not fix all the great new recipes in one book.
  • Recipes are selected to promote a healthy diet pattern by incorporating more home-cooked meals and with less process foods.
  • Each recipe has texture and therapeutic dietary modifications
  • Texture modified diets guideline for Bitesize, Chopped, Minced and Moist, and puree diets
  • Therapeutic modified diet guidelines for Lowfat, Diabetic, Anti Reflux, Renal, No Added Salt, 2 g. Sodium, Renal, and Gluten-free diet plans.
  • Allergy Alerts for Wheat, Milk, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Soy, Peanuts, and Nuts.
  • Food Safety Guidelines on each recipe
  • Quality Assurance Guidelines on each recipe
  • Standardized Recipes for portion control and to ensure nutrient needs are met
  • Standardized recipes makes menu substitutions simple
  • Now available through Amazon

Group Home Menus

The menu set comes with two six-week cycles, weekly spreadsheets, daily production sheets, weekly grocery lists, and colorful holiday menus, The two six-week cycles include a winter cycle and a summer cycle. The summer cycle includes more fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables with light meals. The winter menu cycle include fruits and vegetables available in the wintertime and meals that are served typically in the wintertime. For example, a Chicken Caesar salad is more likely to be offered in the summer while a hot bowl of chili would be offered in the winter months. Each week has a weekly spread-sheet to display the weekly menu. The spreadsheets can be posted on the facility refrigerator to view the current week’s menu items. The menu items selected were chosen with the consumer’s schedule in mind. Lunch menu items for Monday thru Friday are for sack lunches. Weekend lunches are simple quick items. Portable menu items such as pasta salads, wraps, sandwiches, are used for the sack lunches. The weekly spreadsheets also have a space for dating the menu. The weekly menu has daily production sheets. The production sheets include breakdowns for diets typically found in group homes. The diets include texture and therapeutic modified diets. The texture-modified diets include: bite-size, chopped, minced and moist, and puree. The therapeutic modified diets include Anti GERD/Bland, No Added Salt, 2 G. Sodium, Renal, Low fat, Carbohydrate Consistent, and Gluten-Free. Portion sizes are also found on the production sheets. The portion sizes are broken down into small, medium, large, and extra-large portion sizes. Every prepared menu item has a recipe in the cookbook and the recipe page is indicated on the production sheet. Weekly grocery lists are also included in the men package. Menu items were selected to help control costs and the grocery lists are also very helpful in controlling costs. All needed menu items are included on the grocery lists with the quantity necessary to feed eight consumers. For example, if lemon chicken is on the menu the grocery list will indicate how many pounds of chicken to purchase and how many lemons will be needed for eight servings. A weekly staples food checklist is also provided for your staple items such as flour, sugar, salt, etc. Colorful holiday menus are also included in the menu set. The holiday menus can be displayed on the refrigerator for the staff and consumers to view. The holiday menus available include New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, October Festival, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The facility may wish to use these menus to celebrate their holidays.

The Group Home Cookbook Third Edition

This cookbook was designed by a Registered Dietitian to assist you in planning nutritious menus for a group home setting board and care facility or anyone following a special diet. The recipes are basic, economical, and simple to prepare. The cookbook contains over 1000 recipes. Many employees working in group homes have ordered the cookbook to use at home. The staff often say, “The Group Home Cookbook” is so simple to use and has taught me how to cook.

Each recipe contains modifications for therapeutic and texture-modified diets. Therapeutic modified diet guidelines are provided for Lowfat, Diabetic, Anti Reflux, Renal, No Added Salt, 2 g. Sodium, Renal, and Gluten-free diet plans. Texture modified diet guidelines are provided on each recipe for chopped, ground, and puree diets. Food Safety Guidelines, are also included on each recipe. The Food Safety Guidelines meets the National Food Safety HACCP guidelines. Quality control cooking tips are found on the recipes.

Recipe Categories

The recipes selected are grouped into categories based on nutritional content. The entree recipes are all calculated to provide eight servings. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees use High-quality Protein or a (proper protein substitute for the meatless meals) to ensure adequate protein is provided in each meal. Breakfast entrees have at least a 1 ounce serving of high-quality protein. Lunch entrees have at least a 2 ounce serving of high-quality protein. Dinner entrees have at least a 3 ounce serving of high-quality protein. The recipes provide the high-quality protein in the form of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, yogurt, cheese, fish, and occasionally legumes, beans, or nuts. The other categories include Appetizers, Beverages, Breads/Biscuits/Muffins, Breakfast Entrees, Cookies/Cakes/Bars/Desserts, Dinner Entrees, Fruits, Lunch Entrees, Pies/Pastries/Desserts, Salad Dressings, Salads with Lettuce, Sauces/Gravies, Soups, Starchy or Grains Side Dishes, Vegetable Salads, and Vegetables. A very nutritious well-balanced diet can be produced using the recipes provided.


“I use Jackie Larsons cookbook every semester with my dietetics students. It’s an invaluable training tool for hands-on experience with therapeutic diets and modified food textures” Beth Blake, MPH, RD DT program director

Recipes sized to patient populations needed for community programs. Healthy foods that your groups will enjoy! Good for You, tested, tasty and healthy recipes! Lower in sodium, fats, and sugars than unmodified recipes. Heart-wise, Healthy, Easy to Prepare, and Tasty Connecting healthy eating to national dietary goals. A Manual for Daily Use- good variety, recipe, and menu options Cooking basics and content for staff in-service training Your “Go-To” Manual, easier to “Go Do” & “Get To” Better Nutritional Health Use this manual to “Eat Well” and “Be Well”. Guidance for groups improving quality of care in meals and health Debbie Eckhart M.S., R.D.N.

The Cookbook is great for personal use as well as for Group Homes. I bought one for myself and just love it, as well as it is wonderful for the company I work for. Clients are always pleased with their meals and their weights are stable. Joanna Hamilton RN

Great recipes, easy to follow, a must-have not only for group home but for every home. I love it! Cheska, Elizabeth Homes, QIDP

A much-needed resource when caring for individuals requiring modified diets, without taking away taste and pleasure when eating. Cary Kreutzer, EdD, MPH, RD, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Davis School of Gerontology.

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