Soft Cooked, Hard Cooked or Coddled Eggs

8 eggs
Put unshelled 8 eggs in a medium size sauce pan. Cover with cold water. Put the pan over medium heat and bring the water to the boiling point. Lower heat to a simmer. Now watch your time, which will depend on how large and how cold your eggs are. The following timings are for 70 degree eggs. Right out of the refrigerator, they will require at least 2 minutes more. After the heat is reduced, eggs will soft cooked in 2 to 3 minutes; Medium cooked in about 4 minutes; hard cooked in 10 to 15 minutes. Hard cooked eggs should be plunged into cold water at once to arrest further cooking to prevent the yolks from discoloring.

To coddle eggs, lower them carefully into boiling water with a tablespoon. Cover the pan and remove from the heat. Allow 6 to 8 minutes for delicately coddled eggs. If you want the eggs to remain shapely when opened, turn them several time within the first few minutes of coddling so that the whites of the egg solidifies evenly in the air space and the yolk is centered. Serves 8.